What is his/her tragic flaw?

Use this link to answer the questions below
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1. What distinction would you make between the definitions of ‘tragedy’ from classical Greece’ perspective and modern-day use of the word?
2. Who is the tragic hero or heroin in Antigone? and Why ? What is his/her tragic flaw?
3. In what ways do the issues raisbcied in this play resonate in today’s society?

Voltaire, rousseau,

The French Revolution is often considered a crucial event in the advent
of modern society. Although she was very bloody, she initially relied on
modern ideas put forward by the philosophers of the Enlightenment (ie. Voltaire, Rousseau,
Montesquieu, Diderot, Locke…). Demonstrate
the link between Enlightenment thought and the searbcich for a fairer society when

What is the most striking thing to you about the story or style?

General Directions for this feature: You will give evidence of having read the texts. To accomplish this instead of quizzes, you will submit for the day before a reading is set to be discussed, a written “Quote and Question”; question/response for possible discussion. These can be leaders (introduce topics we have not discussed before, but which you have noticed); or follow-ups from preceding sessions; they can be questions, statements, clarifications, definitions. Quote(s) (give page number/cite lines, if poetry); see How to quote verse why you chose those particular quote. An observation, or a flagging of something (for instance) about the way the author uses language/tells the story, etc. What is the most striking thing to you about the story or style? What question(s) do you have about this story for our class? This will be the general pattern for this requirement. The reading for this assignment is ‘Half of a Yellow Sun” – 4 Can a writer create human stories and make distant readers care about the history of a distant country? How does language mediate this proximity/distance? “The Past is another country, they do things differently there.”–Priestly. Write about whatever you choose, but this is my main concern. No need for format, just text is okay since its a discussion post 🙂
What aspects of the English in Sea of Poppies strike you as creating “estrangement”?
Topics discussed in class: Global Migration and linguistic transmigrations
Boobcik: The Sea of Poppies – Chapter 1-6

author name(s) and literary work(s),research question,working thesis statement,proposal paragraph

I AM HOPING TO HAVE A WRITER THAT WILL help to complete the assignments per week for this project. (Will tip) if interested in continuing tasks per week for the assignments, please message me your writer ID# . THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!
Read the Research Paper instructions posted in this week’s Online Learning Resources. Next, choose a literary work or works (no more than 2) on which to focus; then, select a general topic or subject area within that literature; next, devise a research question and working thesis statement that helps guide your eventual research; finally, write a paragraph that explains what you propose to do in more detail. This activity will help provide a solid foundation for the project, and your submission will allow me to provide useful feedback to you once the activity is graded next week.
Your completed response should be at least 300 words and contain the following:
List the author name(s) and literary work(s) you plan to write about.
Provide a research question. This is the question you most want to answer as you proceed in your research project. (Example Research Questions: What is Homer saying in The Iliad about the suffering and loss in war? What do The Iliad and The Odyssey collectively suggest about the role of women in that time period?)
Provide a clearly-labelled working thesis statement. This should be a one-sentence declarative statement that clearly announces the purpose/intent of your eventual paper- what is it out to prove in its argument? You might think of this working thesis statement as a possible answer to your research question. (Example Working Thesis Statement: Homer employs harmful gender stereotypes in his depiction of women in The Iliad.)
Write a proposal paragraph in which you explain why you are interested in this literature, what led you to this topic, what you hope to learn as you proceed in your research, and any possible challenges or concerns you might face as you work on this project.
Photo(INSTRUCTIONS FOR RESEARCH PAPER (DUE IN WEEK 7) gives you an overall understanding of the final paper. For this assignment only due as prompted in these paragraph instructions, followed by the continuing of the PHOTO ATTACHED STATING in bold YOUR COMPLETED RESONSE SHOULD BE AT LEAST 300 WORDS CONTAING THE FOLLOWING. ALSO, READ (document 3pdf) FOR TOPICS TO CHOOSE FROM.

Reading Journal

Throughout the course, you’re responsible for submitting a reading journal for each unit in which you critically and creatively engage with the assigned readings. Each entry should be at least 300 words. Although these journal submissions are informal, they should still be clearly written, spell-checked, and free of glaring errors. Please review the attached document for further requirements and guidelines. Please note that the grading rubric that will be used to assess submission is also included. REQUIRED READINGS Gilgamesh, pg. 16-64 Background information on Homer, pg. 127-131 The Iliad, pg. 131-272 I can send a picture PowerPoint of the readings if you need to read them

You have read excerpts of the earliest known texts from four different civiliaza

You have read excerpts of the earliest known texts from four different civiliazations in different parts of the world. What conclusions can you draw about these civilizations and humanity in general? What are some of the similarities and differences in the texts/cultures? What ideas do they have in common and/or which values are most important to each civilization? Please write a 2 page-paper explaining your thoughts and what you learned from exploring these cultures.



The Bhagavad Gita


In the Iliad, there is a dichotomy between war and peace, suffering and understa

In the Iliad, there is a dichotomy between war and peace, suffering and understanding. How can this contrast be related to a current global issue?
Write a response essay where you complete the following tasks:
1. -Introduce the story and author. Provide a short overview of the story so as to provide a background for your response and a clear thesis statement.
2.- Discuss the dichotomy portrayed in the story. Explain in detail why this aspect stood out to you and support those ideas with actual text from the story.
3.- Connect that dichotomy with a current global issue. Ask yourself, how is the contrast between war and peace and/or suffering and understanding reflected in a current global issue?

A clear thesis statement is essential. Your thesis sentence should answer a ques

A clear thesis statement is essential. Your thesis sentence should answer a question based on the prompt or topic. Your support statements must include direct quotes from the text (s). in addition to your own analysis. Any additional sources must be cited and included in the works cited page. A rubric will be provided to reference the areas that will correspond with your grade: content, organization, grammar/style, correct MLA format, including in text citations, and appropriate use of sources. A direct quote for a paper of this length should net exceed for lines of text.

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Essay Two Lens and Artifact General Guidelines The essay length should be at lea

Essay Two
Lens and Artifact
General Guidelines
The essay length should be at least five (5) full pages (about 1500 words), not including works cited.
The essay should adhere to MLA style guidelines, including double spacing, one-inch margins top, bottom, left, and right.
Due Date: Rough draft (at least working thesis statement and a rough outline)
Sunday, November 21, 2021, 11:59 p.m.
Due Date: Final Essay
Wednesday, December 8, 2021, 11:59 p.m.
Abdi Nor Iftin, Call Me American
Plato, “Allegory of the Cave”
A narration or description usually restricted to a single meaning because its events, actions, characters, settings, and objects represent specific abstractions or ideas. Although the elements in an allegory may be interesting in themselves, the emphasis tends to be on what they ultimately mean. Characters may be given names such as Hope, Pride, Youth, and Charity; they have few if any personal qualities beyond their abstract meanings. These personifications are not symbols because, for instance the meaning of a character names Charity is precisely that virtue. (1152)
Essay Prompt
Professor Amy Shaw, one of my English Department colleagues, developed this Lens and Artifact assignment and calls it:
Call Me Plato: Abdi Nor Iftin’s Journey Through the Cave
Thinking of Abdi Nor Iftin as the “cave dweller” and as the one who escapes the cave may help you think about how to approach the assignment in simple terms.
In this essay, you will analyze Abdi Nor Iftin’s Call Me American using Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” as a lens. Plato’s “Allegory” describes Socrates’ metaphorical story about becoming educated or enlightened. Iftin relates his own powerful journey of how he learns English in a society that heavily discouraged using the English language and influence from the Western world. Iftin’s learning leads him to intense, sometimes disheartening epiphanies, and it also creates obstacles for him in life. These two texts relate in their examination of education or enlightenment and their challenges and triumphs.
You will need to identify key ideas in “Allegory of the Cave” and use them to analyze Iftin’s experiences in Call Me American. In other words, you will use Socrates’ theory as a lens to analyze Iftin’s life experiences. Like wearing a pair of glasses can clarify the world for those with imperfect vision, wearing a pair of Socrates’ “glasses” will clarify (or illuminate, or enrich) your understanding of Iftin’s journey.
Questions to Consider
Some questions that may help you formulate ideas for this essay are listed below. These questions are merely to inspire—they do not imply an outline or a list of questions that you must answer in your paper.
• How does Socrates describe the process of learning and attaining knowledge? Does this process ring true for Iftin? How so?
• Who in Call Me American are like the prisoners in “Allegory”?
• Consider the myriad symbols in Plato’s text. What do the shadows on the wall represent in Iftin’s world? The fire? The puppeteers? The rocky ascent up the cave? The sun?
• How does Iftin feel about his newfound knowledge and language skills? And how does that relate to what Socrates says?
• How do people in the book like Macalin Basbaas, Hassan, and Iftin’s mother respond to “Abdi American’s” learning English/American culture and how would Socrates interpret that?
• While Socrates’ theory celebrates the desire for knowledge, what is the other side of such a discovery?
How to Begin
• Introduce your two texts, your lens and your artifact.
• Summarize your lens (Plato) and lay out its framework or hierarchy or argument.
• Summarize your artifact, focusing on Abdi Nor Iftin’s process for learning and attaining knowledge.
• Compose a thesis that provides you with scope for analysis. If you are like me, your draft thesis may not be completely satisfying but it will get you started. Remember that you can revise your introductory paragraph and thesis once you have drafted enough of your essay to feel more confident about what you want to say.
• Organize your essay to support your thesis. Each paragraph should provide a focused discussion of a specific point.
• Make use of quotations from both texts. Each paragraph should include at least one quote.
• Use our essay rubric to remind you of how your essay will be assessed. The broad areas are thesis, organization, development, and mechanics. The rubric provides details about each of these areas.
• Feel free to be in touch with questions and concerns.