Select your best reading discussion (copied below) and turn it into a longer com

Select your best reading discussion (copied below) and turn it into a longer comment– addressing all of the points below. Likewise, in these papers you can be as creative as you like.
– Experience: What issues does this text give an account of? How does the text mark its perspective? Further, what if anything does this reading conjure up for you?
Concept: How does this text define explicitly or implicitly the issue that the author is writing about? What are (if any) the theoretical underpinning of the article?
Methodology: How and from which disciplinary perspectives is being presented in the piece? What methods, if any were used to make an argument in this text? What are the benefits or shortcomings of this method outlined in the text? What do you think about the results?
– Critique: What – if any – are the points of criticism the author makes? How does this reading or set of readings “talk back” to previous reading?
Impressions and questions: What are your thoughts or questions about the text? Do you think an important example, perspective, (counter-)argument is missing?
Discussion to be included: Equality ensures that individuals contain equal opportunities and the same rights to live their life regardless of where they come from, what they may believe, etc. I am often faced with this conflict of equality as I find myself to have common interests that would be labeled “man like” and it is pointed out to me by family or friends. I am an athlete and play sports like soccer and football where strength and aggression is often needed. I also throughly enjoy watching these sports (mainly football) every day or week. I am always told that it is “interesting” or weird” that I enjoy these activities that are often associated with men and not women and that I should become more interested in activities like dance, singing, reading, etc as if that is the norm a women needs to have. I am fully capable of playing these sports with no problem, and will continue to watch them every week as well.
Feminism means having equal rights and/or opportunities between all genders (mainly female). As Bell Books states, “Simply put feminism is a movement to end sexism” (Feminist Politics). It helps to empower all women realize their rights and help other individuals learn to respect their identities, experiences and perspectives. As per my example above, I live up to my own expectations and will not follow what activities are labeled to be for men or for women. Everyone is capable of doing anything regardless of their gender.
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