Have a minimum of 3 credible sources to support your position.

The purpose of this assignment is for students to utilize their critical thinking skills to select a position on a health topic and address the human problems that are associated with it to achieve SLO #10 of General Education.
Your Position Paper will cover the topic of Abortion. You will need to take a position as either being for abortion or against abortion, do research (with credible resources), and develop your position paper.
The title page should include your name, the class and section in which you are enrolled, and the date.
The position paper should be 2 – 3 pages in length (not including your title or reference page).
The position paper should be double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, with 1 inch margins.
The reference page and in-text citations are to be completed using APA format.
Have a minimum of 3 credible sources to support your position.
Proper reference and paper formatting:
Owl Purdue (https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_style_introduction.html), you will want to use APA 7th Edition. You will be graded closely on your paper format and APA citations.
Finding Credible Sources:
For your sources, you will want articles found through Library search, not blogs randomly found on the internet. For more information, check out (https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/conducting_research/evaluating_sources_of_information/evaluating_digital_sources.html).
The CRAAP test has five main components:
Currency: Is the source up-to-date? (It is best to use source no more than 3 years old, occasionally 5)
Relevance: Is the source relevant to your research?
Authority: Where is the source published? Who is the author? Are they considered reputable and trustworthy in their field?
Accuracy: Does the evidence support the source? Are the claims cited correctly?
Purpose: What was the motive behind publishing this source?
When getting/finding a source, Wikipedia is always a big no. Blogs, personal websites, .com websites, social media posts, etc., can show bias based on the organization, author, affiliations, beliefs, etc., and should be avoided. Websites like .org can occasionally be used as long as they are experts. Many .org websites have blogs and various contributing authors; if an author has a background in English education and is writing a blog about proper ways to care for an orphaned baby squirrel, how do you know if that author is credible? Often time blogs are done from second and third-party research. You will want to avoid these as well.
In reality, the best way to find sources is to use the Library and do article searches. If you have issues, you can visit or contact the Library on campus or your local Library for assistance.
Library Article Search:
The best way to find credible sources is to do journals/articles through a library. You have access to many, many articles through MSU’s Library. If you have trouble searching for and finding articles, they have staff that can assist you. I will check your sources and their credibility, and you will lose credit if they do not meet the minimum standard discussed above.

Describe a plan that addresses your circumstances and goals.

You will prepare four IHPs throughout the term that will be submitted in a single
document towards the end of the class. The four parts of the IHP include
Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Nutrition, Weight Management, and Stress Management.
This assignment requires to apply assigned content to your personal circumstances.
IHPs must strictly adhere to required content and format.
Required Content for IHPs:
1. Critically apply content to your circumstances. IHPs should demonstrate an
understanding of assigned readings as well as the ability to apply this information to
your needs, interests, and goals.
2. Analysis of facts is essential. A good to excellent paper requires analysis of factual
assertions. Offer an explanation when you make a factual assertion. Avoid merely
offering conclusionary statements. For example, if you assert that C-R fitness is
essential to health, then explain why. Do not merely describe or assert a fact or
conclusion without an explanation or analysis.
3. Your writing must be your own words . . .be careful not to “cut and paste” from other
sources. Give citations for quotes that you use.
Required Format for IHPs:
1. Page requirement. Each part of the IHP has a one-page minimum requirement.
The entire assignment when posted should be a minimum of four pages.
2. Number your pages beginning with the first page of content.
1. Double space except for quotes of five lines or more (then indent and single space).
Avoid “creative spacing”, e.g., quadruple spacing in parts of a paper creates an
impression that you do not have enough content to meet the minimum page
A. Overview:
1. Distinguish body weight v. body composition.
2. Describe the relevance of these two concepts to health.
B. Assessment:
1. Explain how you can assess your status. Include BMI as at least one measure of
body composition. The following link is helpful:
C. Weight Management/Body Composition Plan:
1. Apply A and B to your circumstances and goals.
2. Describe a plan that addresses your circumstances and goals.
A. Overview:
1.Give a brief overview of mental health and stress.
Include definitions of both and the different types of stress.
B. Assessment Plan:
1. Take a stress assessment questionnaire and calculate your results. Make sure you
cite your source for the assessment.
2. Comment on whether you think the results were accurate.
Explain why or why not.
C. Stress Management Plan:
1. Apply A and B to your circumstances and goals.
2. Using principles from the text, describe your goals in managing stress and strategies
you can employ to cope with negative stressors in your life.
3. Helpful link: American Institute of Stress: https://www.stress.org/self-assessment
You may use an alternate site of your choice for this assessment. Please submit the
link with your report and a description of the site.
2. References. Statements of fact require authority. The text is a credible reference, and
you should rely upon it extensively. You may cite the text by reference in this manner
after a factual statement(s): Text, p.x
When you use sources other than the text, then cite the reference using APA format in
the body of the paper. There are excellent resources at the end of relevant chapters
that offer good options or you. I also suggest possible links and apps – these are also
3. Follow the format below explicitly. It structures the content of the paper. Use the
outline below and include all bolded headings.
please tell me what info would you need