Is this about ‘truth’?

This essay is about Germany Vs. The United States will be about each immigration/refugee system and how the process works for each country, which is better to go to and more manageable to be allowed to live there legally. The process doesn´t have to be about where you come from but what type of visa they provide and how long the process takes, claim asylum, etc. There should be at least three videos/articles used in this easy paper and MLA format with double-spaced as well as 500-700 words.
First, list the component parts of each system. Inquisitorial vs. evidentiary.
Second, state the normative basis for evaluation. Is this about ‘truth’? Is this about efficiency? Who has the presumption of innocence, and why?
Third, state your case for which is superior. Or, failing that, make a case for why your normative criteria for evaluation is the most appropriate.
Finally, complete your case by endorsing a method and evangelizing why it creates the best path forward for you.