Finally, paragraph 5 is a summary of all of your findings and your conclusion on the subject matter.

For this assignment, you will choose a topic that you would like to investigate about sex, gender, and sexuality. You will develop and write a 5 paragraph essay on the subject matter. In the first paragraph, you should explain your chosen topic and why it is important to understand in today’s society. In paragraphs 2, 3, and 4 you should break down the subject matter into 3 different components. You might even find and use 3 separate discussion questions relevant to your topic and use them as guides in each paragraph for 2, 3, and 4. Finally, paragraph 5 is a summary of all of your findings and your conclusion on the subject matter.

Alcohol abuse

For this discussion board, please provide a list of 10 sexual issues that would be interesting to study. Think about how to conduct the research, decide which research method (e.g., quantitative or qualitative, case study or experiment, etc.) would be best for studying each issue, stating the reasons for their choices and why they didn’t choose any other research methods.
Each response should be at least one page with all of the following information that you have regarding this information: thoughts, actions, and maybe even some of your own work that you can describe here.
1. Pornography
2. Alcohol abuse
3. Sexual Abuse
4. Unprotected sex
5. STDs
6. Pain disorders
7. Desire disorders
8. Arousal disorders
9. Orgasm disorders
10. Sexual identity


Review the materials from the One Love Foundation website below, create a 1 page “top 10 list” highlighting 10 important facts you learned about the Foundation and material included. Ten is the minimum, but you may include up to 20. These top 10 facts should important for Public Health Professionals AND people in general to know.
For full credit each Top 10 MUST:
Be in your own words: Avoid Plagiarism. If you copy or use any of their wording (“4 or more words”), cite properly using APA.
Be numbered 1-10
Be complete sentences and grammatically correct (run spell and grammar check)
Become familiar with the One Love Foundation and what they do. At the website, minimally review the following Tabs (1. Relationships 101, 2. About) and the specific links under each that I have listed below.
(Your Top 10 list should come from various pages at this website – NOT all from the same page)
1. Relationships 101:
10 Signs of a Health Relationship
10 Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship
Videos – Scroll down and watch “Because I Love You”
2. About
Regional Offices: Florida

Assignment #2: Client Case Study, Treatment Plan Development, and Review Assign

Assignment #2: Client
Case Study, Treatment Plan Development, and Review
Assignment #2 Details and Grading Rubric:
Case Study
Construct a hypothetical client that you may potentially see
in your social work practice. You meet this client for the first time and
conduct a 90 minute Biopsychosocial. After reviewing the client’s answers and
consulting with your social work supervisor, you both agree there may be some
sexuality/sexual issues going on. Your plan is to conduct a sexual history
assessment and formulate a treatment plan on the second schedule session with
Provide pertinent background information on the client (age,
race, cultural status, gender, sexual orientation, and anything else of
Provide an explanation of the presenting sexuality/sexual
What is your client’s goal(s) to be addressed during your
sex therapy sessions?
What diagnoses would you give your client? What criteria
does the client endorse to meet diagnostic criteria? (Consult the DSM 5, sexual
health, sex therapy material online, peer reviewed journals, and me).
Will you need to consult with any of the following: Primary
Care Provider, Urologist, OBGYN, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, or anyone
else? If so, provide your rational for seeking consultation. Provide evidence
to support your decision (what does the literature suggest?).
What treatment interventions are suggested to address your
client’s presenting issues? (Consult DSM 5, sexual health, sex therapy material
online, peer reviewed journals, and me). Treatment interventions could include
(Cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness exercises, biofeedback, medications,
creams to reduce pain, sensate focus exercises,) and much more!
One major sex therapy intervention is called Sensate Focus
created by William Masters and Virginia Johnson. Provide a brief description of
what Sensate Focus is, techniques used, and what sexual concerns it may
address. Would Sensate Focus be an appropriate intervention for your client?
Why or why not? (This section should be 1 full page).
After 6 weeks of being in treatment with you, how is the
client progressing? Did the client hit any roadblocks during treatment? How did
they progress during therapy?
After several months of sex therapy, the presenting issue(s)
are addressed and resolved! How did you terminate with the client? Will the client need long term therapy to
address any other needs that came up such as depression, trauma, etc.?
Other questions you might want to consider…………………..
Has the client experienced any type of abuse or trauma
(verbal, physical, psychological, sexual)?
Has the client experienced any type of preadolescent sexual abuse?
Does the client have any disabilities or unique abilities?
Does the client have any type of chronic pain or chronic
medical condition?
Is this client in any type of romantic relationship? If so,
is it monogamous, open, polyamorous, etc.?
Is the client sexually active with their partner or
Does the client engage in any type of kink activities or
fetish play? (BDSM, impact play, role play, sexual cosplay, humiliation,
voyeurism, sensation play, electrostimulation, foot fetish, group sex,
klismaphilia, quifofilia, urophilia, or anything else!
Has the client tried to address any of their sexual concerns
before? If so, what did they do, did it work for them then?
The Paper should be a total of 8 pages:
• Title Page
• 6 pages of
written content
• Reference
Page with at a minimum
Four (4)
peer reviewed references
Assignment #2:
Up to 10 points: Quality of Client Treatment Plan Developed
Up to 2 points: APA 7 format
Up to 5 points: At least 4 peer reviewed references
Up to 5 points: Depth of
and clinical appropriateness of suggested assignment questions
Up to 3 points- Discussion of termination and suggested
follow-up care plan

The solution should focus on feasibility (it can be achieved with available reso

The solution should focus on feasibility (it can be achieved with available resources) and implementation (how it should be completed). This essay will include not only why this solution is necessary, but how it will actually occur. The writing should be formal, clear, and concise when addressing the target audience responsible for enacting this change. Consider using a process analysis organization to identify steps in the solution and target those steps at a specific audience. The government is NOT your audience. They may be part of the process or even mentioned in the conclusion as needing their involvement, but your audience needs to be more purposeful and targeted to who would care enough to see this action happen.
For example, instead of arguing that higher education courses should be offered in correctional facilities, a proposal would develop a plan for implementing higher education courses with research that supports how and why this program would be significant for the students involved.
The research for this proposal MUST include:
TWO (2) CPCC Library Research Databases
One (1) video or podcast
Two (2) CHOICE sources (i.e. online newspapers, organization websites, database sources, videos, interviews, studies, surveys, etc.)
The essay must integrate at least FIVE (5) outside sources that meet the criteria above.Students should NOT use more than SEVEN (7) sources. The document and citations must be formatted according to MLA 8th edition guidelines. The essay must be at least six (6) pages long – this does not include the Works Cited page. The essay must be written in third person with the appropriate language and mechanics.
The essay must be submitted as a Word or PDF document by 11:59pm on Wednesday, July 6.

Assignment: Please explain the complex discourse around covering sexual educatio

Assignment: Please explain the complex discourse around covering sexual education in middle schools. Do NOT post within the discussion board!
A two-page response is required (1.5 spacing; Times New Roman font).
Feel free to use additional articles if needed. However, additional articles must be cited using APA. A separate work cited page must be included.
Despite a general agreement among researchers that sex education is important for young people, the American public educational system reflects no uniformity with regard to any formal requirements along these lines. In fact, most politicians back off from the issue of sex education and take the point of view that “local school systems should be able to decide how this issue will be handled.”
1) Should the United States have a national policy on sex education?
2) If any agreement on the existence of such a policy could be reached, what should the policy specify?
3) What are the social implications for our nation of proceeding into the future without such a national policy?

TOPIC Female genital mutilation compared to man circumcision, what are the simil

Female genital mutilation compared to man circumcision, what are the similarities and what are the differences?
A reaction paper is a paper that mixes opinion (your attitudes and belief) with research from credible sources. The essence of a reaction paper is to express your point of view regarding a specific topic. As you write, you must reinforce your position by citing research. A good reaction paper is about 400-450 words and includes at least 3-5 credible references in APA formatting. You may use the first person when writing this paper but use it sparingly.