The purpose of this assignment is for students to understand the relevant resear

The purpose of this assignment is for students to understand the relevant research and techniques related to Substance Use Disorder and families. This is a written assignment worth a maximum possible 100 points. In order to complete this assignment you must first download or acquire Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) #39 (Links to an external site.). This assignment has two-parts.
Read Chapters 1-5 of Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP #39).
For each of these five chapters write a 300-word synthesis of the main points of that chapter (1500-words total for this part of the project). You may want to write your synthesis as you complete reading each respective chapter.
Do not just reiterate what was said in the text. Rather, synthesize the central points, conclusions and recommendations in your own words. Some moderate use of direct quotes is expected, but it should not exceed 10-15% of your entire document, and they should be appropriately cited.

Write a 300 word conclusion about what you think were the central strengths and weaknesses of TIP #39 as a whole, and what you learned from it.
Use at least one additional academic source to support your concluding statements.
Your entire project should be around 1,800 words.
Use standard collegiate level of writing in terms of grammar, spelling and conventions of language.
Appropriate citations and referencing are expected.
Submit final document via Canvas in the respective week it is due. Your document must be in an approved format (.doc, .docx, .pdf or .rtf).