What specific problems might it develop?

Continue to use the organization you selected for your final project in Week 1. This week, you are being placed on a ten-person virtual team. You decide that prior to the team getting started on the project, you want to do some research that will help you identify ways to make your virtual team most effective. You may need to create hypothetical details about the team and its purpose on the basis of what you know of the organization you selected for the final project.
On the basis of your research, write a paper addressing the following:
Assess the purpose of the team (i.e., what is the project it has been assigned?) and the contribution of key members to team purpose.
Analyze four to six potential problems that virtual teams typically face. Is the hypothetical team you described susceptible to these problems? What specific problems might it develop?
Justify four to six viable solutions to make your team effective, including why these solutions will work.
Submission Details:
Name your file: SU_MBA5001_W4_ LastName_FirstInitial.doc
Submit your four- to five-page paper in APA style to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.

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